At CareerJimmy, the parent company for, our focus is on one goal...your job search success.

Our line of "Amazing" products and books are designed to provide you with the information power once and for the job of your dreams.

While 99% of the job seeking public will continue to search the hard way, hoping luck is on their side at the right time, the odds still remain heavily stacked against them especially, in today's difficult job market.

Our customers however, go after their dreams with the confidence and specific insider knowledge that immediately puts them into the "1% club."

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Remember this formula:

Knowledge + Action = Success.

We'll provide you with the knowledge and show you the powerful, simple steps to take. You provide the action.

Today, I'd like to personally invite you to take a close look at An "amazing" resume can make a world of difference in your job search success.

All the best,

Jimmy Sweeney
President and Founder, CareerJimmy

"Jimmy your way to the job of your dreams!" ™

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